A Roadmap to National and Regional Programmes'
work on Chemicals Assessment

Efforts continue to be made in OECD to create, maintain and improve the various parts of a process which looks at sharing in a mutually beneficial manner work from National and Regional Chemicals Programmes while saving resources and avoiding inefficiencies caused by duplicative work.

The links below lead to existing scheduling information of national/regional and international assessments notified to the OECD by OECD member countries and stakeholders. They are provided here with the aim to assist in avoiding duplication across national/regional programmes in the area of chemical assessment.

A project is underway to provide a more integrated access to this information in the future.


  • *Japan


*Programme has submitted information per substance for the table below.


Information per substance on schedules of assessments is available for download: Table in XLS format.

(note: Not all programmes listed above have submitted information per substance.)






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