A Roadmap to National and Regional Programmes'
work on Chemicals Assessment

Efforts continue to be made in OECD to create, maintain and improve the various parts of a process which looks at sharing in a mutually beneficial manner work from National and Regional Chemicals Programmes while saving resources and avoiding inefficiencies caused by duplicative work.

The links below lead to existing scheduling information of national/regional and international assessments notified to the OECD by OECD member countries and stakeholders. They are provided here with the aim to assist in avoiding duplication across national/regional programmes in the area of chemical assessment.

A project is underway to provide a more integrated access to this information in the future.


  • Australia

    IMAP Framework

    Stage Two of IMAP began in July 2016 and is continuing in 2018-19. We will continue to assess chemicals on the AICS, including:

        • Chemicals identified as a concern for which action has been taken overseas
        • Chemicals that can be rapidly identified and assessed by using Stage One information.

    We will also publish information for chemicals on the AICS that pose a low risk to human health or the environment or both. This work will provide efficiencies for the identification of higher risk chemicals requiring assessment.

    Assessments completed are published at: https://www.nicnas.gov.au/chemical-information/imap-assessments/imap-assessments


  • EFSA Register of Questions: The EFSA Register of Questions contains information on questions asked to EFSA by the EU regulatory authorities on food and feed safety issues within EFSA's remit. It provides information on the progress of a question as it moves through the risk assessment process.






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