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OECD Existing Chemicals Screening Information Data Sets (SIDS) Database Go to external website

Type of information that can be found via eChemPortal:

Property data sets and industrial chemicals.

General information:

The IUCLID software is the preferred tool for entering data and developing a SIDS Dossier for High Production Volume Chemicals in the OECD HPV Chemicals Programme.  For those SIDS Dossiers which were elaborated with the IUCLID software, the Dossiers can be viewed on this site. The IUCLID export files for these SIDS Dossiers also can be downloaded and then imported into a local IUCLID installation.

Hazard information:

These Dossiers contain Robust Study Summaries of all the key studies used in the SIDS Initial Assessment Reports.

Search capabilities:

Queries by a substance (raw data) or dossier Chemical name or number are possible on this site. The substance (raw data) or dossier files can be downloaded and imported into a local IUCLID installation. Extensive query functions on chemical identifiers and hazard endpoints can be performed with the  IUCLID software Go to external website.


OECD maintains the content of the OECD Existing Chemicals Screening Information Data Sets (SIDS) Database. The Database is hosted by the European Commission’s Institute for Health and Consumer Protection of the Joint Research Centre.

Peer review:

The information on the status of chemicals within the OECD HPV Chemicals Programme is continuously updated by the OECD Secretariat and verified by OECD member countries.

For those substances which have been assessed within the OECD HPV Chemicals Programme, the available summary of the conclusions on the hazards has been reviewed by experts in member countries, industry and environmental NGOs and endorsed by all OECD member countries. OECD SIDS Initial Assessment reports are available on the OECD Existing Chemicals Database

Disclaimer for Information available in OECD SIDS IUCLID:

The summaries and evaluations contained in the chemical assessment reports in the OECD Existing Chemicals Screening Information Data Sets (SIDS) Database may be based on unpublished proprietary data submitted for the purpose of the OECD assessment.


In many cases, national/regional regulatory authorities will not accept a regulatory submission based on such unpublished data unless they have received the data on which the summaries and evaluation are based either from (1) the owner of the data or (2) a second party that has obtained permission from the data owner for this purpose. Alternately, the OECD assessment summaries and evaluation may be used if the applicant seeking use of the summaries has either (1) received permission from the data owner to use the summaries and evaluation in lieu of the original data; (2) compensated the data owner if mandatory compensation is required; or (3) uses/submits the information after the period of protection for the proprietary data has expired.


Applicants who wish to use data in these assessment reports should ensure that the use is consistent with the legal requirements in the country/region in which it is proposed to use the data.

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