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Collection of Case Studies on Risk Assessments of Combined Exposures to Multiple Chemicals  Go to external website

Type of information that can be found via eChemPortal:

Hazard assessments.

General information:

The database includes a variety of studies where chemicals are grouped together for a risk assessment that is usually limited to one or a few human health or environmental endpoint(s). The risk assessment may be very succinct (e.g. including threshold of toxicological concerns only for the hazard part of the assessment) or fully detailed (e.g. including robust study summaries). The database does not contain the studies itself but will point users to links where the studies are available. These links may be from regulatory agencies or other intergovernmental or nongovernmental organisations. The database should be useful for the dissemination of studies of combined exposures to multiple chemicals as this is an emerging regulatory issue.

Hazard information:

The hazard information may be succinct and may refer to aggregated information only (e.g. TTC), or very detailed with robust study summaries on individual chemicals contained in an assessment group (i.e. group of chemicals assessed together).

Search capabilities:

There are no search capabilities other than those available within the program used to read each document (the “find” function).


It will be the responsibility of the OECD Secretariat to annually update the database.

Peer review:

The data may be reviewed by a regulatory authority if the study is issued by a regulatory agency. Some of the case studies may have no true peer-review of the data, it will be up to the entity issuing the report to be transparent on the level of review that was made.

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