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General information:

The USEPA High Production Volume Information System (HPVIS) provides access to select health and environmental effects information on chemicals that are produced or imported into the US in quantities of 1 million pounds or more each year. Information in this database is submitted through EPA’s High Production Volume (HPV) Challenge Program. Sponsor (company/consortium) information, test plans, robust summaries, and EPA and public comments are available in the HPVIS. In addition, HPVIS provides access to available EPA Hazard Characterizations and Risk-Based Prioritization Documents for selected chemicals. As of August, 2008, HPVIS contains information on 1102 chemical substances reported in 366 submissions, representing 244 single chemical and 122 chemical category submissions. Some chemicals are reported in multiple submissions.

Hazard information:

Sponsors follow the Screening Information Data Set (SIDS), developed by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development when submitting data to the HPVIS. HPVIS submissions contain hazard data on up to 50 endpoints organized into four disciplines: physical/chemical properties, environmental fate and pathways, ecotoxicity, and mammalian health effects. Information on use and exposure is also available in the database, if provided by sponsors.

Search capabilities:

HPVIS allows users to search for robust summary information, test plans and new data on high production volume chemicals, as well as for Hazard Characterizations and Risk-Based Prioritization and Supporting Documents for selected chemicals as they are developed. Searches are provided for Chemical Name or CAS Number, Category Name, Submission Name, Sponsor/Consortium Name, and Submitter Name. Users can use a query tool to create a special report for specific data elements and can also create an endpoint results report and a matrix of individual chemical members of a category to assist in performing a “read-across” analysis for those chemicals in a category for which a result was not reported for a specific endpoint.


HPVIS is maintained by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Peer review:

HPVIS data have been entered from the robust summaries and test plans as submitted by the HPV Challenge Program sponsors.  EPA has verified the data entered into the HPVIS to ensure that they are consistent with the information that was submitted under the HPV Challenge Program. Industry sponsors also have the opportunity to verify their submitted data in the system. HPVIS contains both initial and final submissions. EPA is now conducting its own review of the quality of each data submission. Each data review is being conducted according to established HPV Challenge Program guidelines and EPA risk assessment guidance. EPA and public comments on the adequacy of the initial submission by the sponsor are provided as attachments to the submissions.

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